Corporate Compliance Solutions: Workplace Safety Training

Maintain OSHA Compliance for Your Business with a Compliance Coordinator

Workplace safety training can provide a more secure environment for you and your employees. Our dedicated consultants at People Management can work with your business to maintain compliancy with all OSHA regulations.

While OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) compliance is viewed to be the responsibility of the workplace employer, we can, however, provide your business with workplace safety training materials to help avoid future problems. Some of the solutions we offer include:

• Perform a complete site safety walk-through

• Provide an interface between client and insurance carrier to implement suggested safety improvements

• Work with you to develop a complete Safety Program designed to address your specific work environment

• Increase workplace safety awareness by providing training to supervisors and staff

• Provide you with annual OSHA 300 log data for your convenience; you only need to fill in and post at your worksite

To learn more about workplace safety training at People Management, please contact us by clicking here or call 888.843.5789.

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