What is a Professional Employer Organization?

By definition, a professional employment organization (or a PEO organization) assumes the role of employer for a client company's employees, thus becoming their employer of record. It then leases them back under contract to the original employer. This arrangement is commonly known as co-employment. The professional employer organization will then provide a variety of services for the original employer including payroll outsourcing, workers compensation, HR outsourcing, along with other advantages of using a PEO organization.

The idea of outsourcing human resources services is not new. In fact, most small businesses already outsource other various functions, the most common being payroll. The difference with PMI is that we provide an all-inclusive package of human resources services, or PEO solutions in New Jersey, for small- and mid-size companies rather than just select components. Essentially, we take over all of the daily tasks of administrating the duties that comprise employer-employee relationships. To provide any less than across-the-board responsibility as a professional employer organization, in our opinion, doesn’t make good business sense. It leaves the employer with tasks to fulfill that’s outside the scope of his or her specialty, and keeps him from devoting his or her time and resources to his or her primary product or service.

Therefore, the total-package approach of PEO solutions, like we offer at PMI in New Jersey, is what we truly define a full-service PEO organization as being. It offers our customers, by far, the most value for their investment. While we perform all administrative tasks under one roof and assume all liabilities, our customers are afforded the opportunity to enhance the quality of their organization by making their products and services the best they can be.

The process of hiring our services is a very simple one and, if you are unsure of outsourcing your human resources to us for your particular company, you can request a quote from us today in order to receive a cost and benefit analysis of our services for your company.

In addition to customized HR and ASO services,  PMI's comprehensive package of PEO solutions in New Jersey include:

  • Risk Management

    When you enter into a co-employment agreement with PMI, we assume responsibility for keeping up with government and industry-driven regulations, employment administration, and liability management. This means you can refocus your energies on the marketing and production of your product or service.
  • Payroll Outsourcing

    PMI generates payroll checks and, since we become the employer of record, we file related payroll tax returns and tax deposits. Because of our payroll expertise and superior processing software, we are able to efficiently and accurately process your payroll, regardless of complexity or size.
  • Compliance

    PMI helps you manage your risks and obligations as they relate to government regulations and employer/employee litigation issues. We also help create labor-law compliant employee handbook that fosters structure, consistency, and improved communication.
  • Outsource Human Resources

    Outsourcing HR in New Jersey with PMI offers you expert consulting within the structure of a complete PEO solution. Our human resources consultants take care of the business-end of employer-employee relations including employment law, health and safety laws, compensation, fair employment practices, labor relations, and personnel procedures.
  • Employee Benefits Administration

    PMI conducts a thorough analysis of current benefits you provide, and based on our findings we propose a plan for the design and procurement of new and additional programs, ongoing benefits, and administration functions like enrollment and employee communication.

To learn how People Management Inc., a professional employer organization in New Jersey, can help your company, request a quote, contact us, or call 888.843.5789 today.

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