PEO Solutions and Services Make Business Easier

Whether you're an owner of a small business or executive of a midsize firm, People Management, Inc. (PMI) can help your company become more profitable by offering our PEO solutions and services. This includes payroll records, compliance with government regulations, HR services, and employee benefits administration.

It is only through this full-package concept that we can deliver the most value for your investment. In essence, we become the employer of record for payroll tax and insurance purposes by entering into a co-employment relationship with you. You, of course, continue to monitor and direct your employees' daily tasks and duties, while we take care of everything else.

To receive a cost and benefit analysis on our services for your particular company, request a quote from us today.

Services in PMI's overall PEO package include:

Payroll Solutions

More than just a pay check system, our state-of-the-art outsourced payroll service ensures accurate, timely, and confidential check processing, as well as assumption of all payroll tax filing and compliance issues. Simply enter the data using our Remote Data Entry (RDE) software and we take care of the rest. Find out more.

HR Services

PMI provides a full range of HR outsourcing  services in New Jersey in employment law, health and safety, compensation, fair employment practices and labor relations and personnel procedures. Find out more.

Employee Benefits Strategies

Our PEO solutions offer a variety of large-group employee benefit plans to fit your company's specific needs. Our New Jersey employee benefit consultants administer programs including enrollment, renewals, COBRA administration, and employee communication. We deal with the top providers in the industry and handle any and all troubleshooting headaches so that you can concentrate on the business of making money. Find out more.

Benefits of Utilizing PEO Solutions

Partnering with PMI offers you the opportunity to get back to business. By having us take care of all your employee-related administrative needs, you become better positioned to:

  • Produce and Market Your Product or Service – By eliminating tasks that aren't directly attributable to producing revenue, you're able to spend more time on your core business.
  • Boost Your Bottom Line – Incorporating our PEO services to handle all your employee-related administrative tasks lowers your net expenses and increases profits.
  • Offer Prospective Employees Better Benefits – With PEO solutions able to be negotiated on an economies-of-scale basis, your company will be able to offer better fringe benefit packages to job seekers.
  • Get a Good Night's Sleep – With PMI overseeing all your employee-related administrative needs and compliance issues, you'll be able to rest assured your business is protected and being watched over.

To learn how our PEO services can help your company, contact us, request a quote, or call 888.843.5789.

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