Payroll Services in NJ for Small Business in NY, NJ, and PA

Outsourcing Payroll Services with People Management

An integral part of PMI's overall package of services is our payroll outsourcing service. Outsourcing payroll processing in New Jersey is probably the most familiar of all outsourced services. It makes sense from a business and personal standpoint in terms of efficiency and protection from legal repercussions. PMI's payroll services in NJ are most effective when used in conjunction with our other services.

How it Works

Our dedicated software is designed to process payroll accurately and efficiently, and is overwritten with any regulatory changes made by the government virtually the instant the changes are made public. This ensures your employees remain in full compliance. Plus, since PMI is the employer of record, all payroll tax filings are processed through our tax identification number, thus further shielding you from any liabilities.

The process begins with PMI conducting an examination of your present payroll service and system. Once we fully understand your specific needs, we will implement a new, fully compliant payroll service as part of our overall package of services. Your new service will ensure accurate, timely, confidential check processing, and related taxes collected and paid accordingly.

An experienced payroll processor will be assigned to handle all your needs, and we will install Remote Data Entry (RDE) software for you so that data entered by you can be easily transmitted to us online for payroll outsourcing.

You can choose to have payroll reports issued and bundled either with your paychecks or sent to you electronically. These reports can be easily posted to your general ledger using the cost allocation reports provided. As part of our comprehensive outsourced payroll solution, PMI takes care of your employee withholdings and payroll deductions, including garnishments.

Standard payroll outsourcing services for small business includes:

  • Providing paychecks and stubs in sealed or unsealed envelopes
  • Direct deposit to multiple bank accounts
  • Cost allocation reports
  • Payroll checks drawn on PMI's account
  • Withholding taxes, payroll deductions, and garnishments
  • All Federal and State payroll tax deposits and returns 
  • Paid time off (vacation/sick/personal) tracking

If you are a small or midsize business owner, CFO, or controller and face payroll-related problems such as insufficient withholding taxes, deficiencies or filing notices, PMI can help with your payroll services. Contact us today to learn more about our payroll outsourcing. You can also request a quote today! Other PEO services are an integral part of our overall PEO solutions for small- and mid-size businesses. 

To learn more about outsourced payroll services from People Management Inc., click here to contact us, request a quote, or call 888.843.5789.

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