Mobile HR Apps Picking Up Steam

Recruiters, PEO companies, and HR professionals who use mobile apps in their work remain small in numbers but are growing rapidly. Read on to learn how mobile applications can complement PEO solutions for your business.

Source: Workforce

Slowly but surely, human resources is embracing mobile.

Mobile applications are gradually being accepted as standard operating procedure as more options pop up for HR tasks beyond sourcing job candidates, including signing off on time sheets or helping employees file health benefits claims and staying fit.

Recruiters and HR professionals who use mobile apps in their work remain a small minority, but their number is expected to more than double next year, to 13 percent from 6 percent in 2012, according to the 2012–2013 HR Systems Survey from technology vendor CedarCrestone Inc.

Today, companies use mobile apps for recruiting more than any other HR activity. That comes as no surprise since recruiters were some of the first HR people to integrate smartphones and mobile apps into their daily routines.

Next year, however, apps for tracking payroll and time and attendance are expected to catch up or surpass recruiting for the first time—further proof of the maturing market, according to the CedarCrestone survey.

"2013 is going to be less about why and more about how," says Michael Marlatt, a mobile recruiting conference organizer and staffing consultant for Microsoft Corp., "how to integrate, how to select the right vendors, how to decide whether to go mobile website or app."

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