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There is a tremendous amount of information regarding employment laws and regulations, and it seems something new is being studied, changed or introduced on a daily basis. As a provider of all-inclusive PEO services, PMI stays abreast of these changes and keeps our clients informed as to how they’re affected. If you are a PMI client, or simply want more information on the benefits of working with a PEO, visit this page frequently. Here, you’ll find the most current news and articles on human resources consulting firms, payroll services for small business, employee benefits administration, and more.

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Mobile HR Apps Picking Up Steam

Recruiters, New Jersey PEO companies, and HR consulting firms who use mobile apps in their work remain small in numbers but are growing rapidly. Read on to learn how mobile applications can complement PEO solutions for your business.  Read more.

Fifty Shades of a Holiday Bonus

It's the holiday season and this PEO company in NJ wants to share how one CEO is spreading holiday cheer. Read on to learn how your HR consulting firm can help keep employees happy this December.  Read more.

Hurricane Sandy Raises Wage and Hour Issues

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many businesses, including our New Jersey PEO company, were forced into unusual working arrangements. Read on to learn how businesses affected by Sandy are dealing with complex situations that could affect payroll, regulation compliance, and more.  Read more.

PEOs remove business burden, create HR challenges

Small business owners spend as much as 40 percent of their time on paperwork and regulations that could be handled by an HR consulting firm. Read on to learn how PEO companies can remove this burden from your business.  Read more.

PEO Contractors More Prominent

PEO solutions from organizations like our New Jersey PEO company have never been more popular. Read on to learn how PEO services from People Management can take the burden and responsibility of HR for small business off of your business.  Read more.

Workplace Bullying: Where Does Prevention Begin?

Bullying isn't just a situation schools have to deal with, it can be a major issue for your human resources department as well. Read more about workplace bullying and how PEO solutions from People Management can help your company. Read more.

Kinder and Gentler: The New Path to Reducing Employee Turnover

Many businesses are extending their employee benefits to make life outside of work easier for their employees. Read on to learn how PEO services from People Management can give you a new path to reducing employee turnover.  Read more.

Most Employers to Continue Offering Health Benefits: Survey

Most employers plan to continue offering health benefits after the final phases of the Affordable Care Act are implemented in 2018. Continue reading to learn how PEO solutions from our New Jersey PEO company can help your business make the transition.  Read more.

More part-time workers offered insurance

More employers are offering health benefits to part-time employees after the passing of the Affordable Care Act. People Management can help your business with employee benefits administration and corporate compliance solutions. Read on to learn more about this increase in health benefits. Read more.

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